Colliding With The Sky
Rare Pierce The Veil
rare pictures of the mexicans in pierce the veil......and mostly gossip
Anonymous: Do you know which songs are about Laura?

hold on til may is the only one i can think of at the moment 

Anonymous: Alysha = definition of slut

i think we have different connotations of the word slut

Anonymous: Why wasn't kellin nice to you?

him and the rest of sws were hella rude at a meet and greet a couple years ago 

Anonymous: I feel like Vic would talk to a few girls and he's probably really flirty so they get the idea that they're dating. But the only one that's had like "proof" of them dating is Danielle.

I agree. like rachel played it out like they were exclusive and posted tons of pics and then she like tweeted or instagrammed stuff about their “break up” or whatever i don’t even remember but vic never acknowledge their “relationship” so no one really knows if they even had one or if they were just friends and she wanted to seem cool and make it seem like they were dating or whatever. same with welly except she’s really sweet and dating someone now and never said anything bad about him and he still follows her so i still don’t even know what their relationship is/was. 

Anonymous: So can you tell us the story about meeting PTV? Like what you said/ how you reacted, I would really like to know :)

the first time at warped, vic was like hiiii and said he liked my shirt that i made lol and that i should be a designer and yeah the rest didn’t really say much and then i don’t even remember what i said at the meet and greet for the collide with the sky tour but yeah I think I acted pretty chill didn’t really say much cuz i was like starstruck by them lil mexicans omfg 

Anonymous: Vic's a Craddle Robber hahaha
Anonymous: when did tony dated jessie? maybe he really loved jessie. and her girlfriend now? when they started dating?

jessie is dating a girl or….?? i don’t even know if they dated i feel like they just had a thing and it didn’t last that long 

Anonymous: ily but kellin is not at all a douchebag, I've met him many times, in fact I just recently ran into him at the pumpkin patch and then met him again in January and he was the nicest person!

he wasn’t nice to me :(

Anonymous: what's your twitter account?

it’s a secret!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unless you come off anon so i can give it 2 you privately! 

Anonymous: did Vic tell you his twitter account if he did what is it?