Colliding With The Sky
Rare Pierce The Veil
rare pictures of the mexicans in pierce the veil......and mostly gossip
Anonymous: Did Vic and Danielle broke up?!


Anonymous: The guy welly is dating, dated kat von d. I could be wrong but I remember her tagging his instag

what’s his name

Anonymous: Mike unfollowed katrina on instagram. Hmmmm!

oh snap

Anonymous: What do you think of Danielle?

she’s really pretty. she reminds me of lydia lol from teen wolf 

Anonymous: what is your opinion libbypunk? if you havent, go on any ptv tag anywhere, shes fucking everywhere. do you think she seems like a slut?

I don’t really know anything about her if anyone can fill me in

Anonymous: do you know what Rachel's (Vic's ex-"girlfriend") instagram user name is???

no I think she changed it! anyone know?

Anonymous: OMFG FOR A SECOND I THOUGHT UR URL WAS RAPETV I WAS SO SHOCKED FOR A SECOND then i looked back. i apologize ur blog is amazing

I have been told this a million times lol its funny 

Anonymous: Tony has been lookin fine lately 😋
Anonymous: Im a personal friend of tony perry's sister and she's the sweetest cutest lil thing aw i love her .
Anonymous: how do you know hold on till may is about laura? i'm just wondering cause with caraphernelia it's kind of obvious that it's about cara, but like has vic ever mentioned that it's about laura? and does she have a twitter or instagram? i'm a bit curious as to what she looks like lol

Last time I checked she deleted all her social networking sites. So if she has them again, I do not know them. Butttttttt when she did have a twitter, she tweeted that he wrote the song for her.